Snow’s BBQ [Lexington – Texas]

2020 UPDATE: Unfortunately, Snow’s is closed until further notice while they navigate COVID-19. Their online shipping is operating normally.  

Texas in known for it’s barbeque and Texans take pride in this. Every Texan has a secret family recipe for the sauce or the rub or for they way the meat is smoked. So jealously guarded that they would have to kill you if they told you.

There are so many barbeque restaurants and pits in the Lone Star state that it indeed is an incredible accomplishment to be in the top 5. Many Texan towns have staked a claim to the best barbeque: Lockhart, Taylor, Luling, you name it. And there is Lexington, the Mount Olympus of the gods of barbeque.

Lexington is located about 50 miles northeast of Austin, in the Texas hinterland. It’s so small that if you sneeze while driving, chances are you’ll miss it. Its main attraction, for me, is the weekly cattle auction. Unfortunately, they day we arrived it was cancelled because of inclement weather. At least I was able to say hi to a few cows.

Snow’s BBQ opens at 8 on Saturday mornings and closes when they run out of meat, which can happen pretty early. We got there at around 12:45 and they were already cleaning up. There were a few ribs, a chunk of pork and a lonely sausage on the counter. The kind lady behind the counter was sorry we got the leftovers and that they wouldn’t be as good. We were happy to get anything! She added a half chicken, which she said was dry and overcooked. She  weighed the food and gave us a discount (out of pity?), thirty dollars worth of barbeque for twenty, plus a Styrofoam tub of cole slaw and a tub of potato salad fore less than 30 US dollars altogether. She didn’t charge us for the waters.

To call it a no-frills joint is almost a misnomer. They plonk the meat on a tray and away you go. There is a kitchen roll, salt, pepper and hot sauce on each table. We used sheets of kitchen paper as makeshift plates but mainly ate with our fingers.

The potato salad was very tasty and it had dill and chopped pickles. That’s a good idea I’m going to copy. The slaw had the right amount of dressing. It may have looked dry but was perfectly seasoned and flavorful. And the best part (for me) was that it wasn’t sweet (I can’t stand sweet cole slaw.)

The meat is blissfully sauce-free. You’re supplied with a tub of sauce on the side in case you prefer to smear the meat (not necessary, in my humble opinion.) The sauce is tangy, almost vinegary, and ever so slightly sweet. It’s the best I’ve tasted so far.

The sausage had a lot of flavour and was delicious both hot and cold the day after. Although we were forewarned that the chicken was overcooked, we dug in and found it tender and very flavoursome. I picked up a leg and the meat started to slide smoothly off the bone. Need I say more?

The ribs were perfectly cooked, smoky, delicious. They were so tender that if you stared at them hard, the meat fell off the bone. They didn’t need any sauce because it would have masked the smoky, porky flavour of the meat.

The chunks of pork looked sad and dry. By God were we wrong! The meat was incredibly tender and moist, smoky and salty. It was heavenly. It tasted the way real pork should taste. I have to stop typing now, I’m drooling all over the keyboard.

The owners thoughtfully supply tin foil plastic bags for leftovers.

Hands down, this is the best barbeque we’ve ever eaten (outside Argentina, that is.)

Snow’s BBQ

516 N. Main

Lexington – Tx 78937

“Opes Saturdays only – 8 am till sold out!


  1. You are so MEAN! My mouth is literally watering after your reading your post. The food sounds divine. Please send me some Texas BBQ!!! 😀

    • Hahaha! yeah, no kidding. Katie, I’m not trying to say I’m a BBQ connoisseur but I’ve eaten my fair share of barbeque here and asados there and this is among the very best we’ve had so far.

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